Industrial Automation

Within the design office, electrical installation schemes are designed and automatic control systems are programmed. In the electrical workshop, the production of control cabinets takes place on the basis of schemes and designs, assembles dispensers, tests fans and mounts engines for dispensers, screw conveyors and fans.

We offer optimal solutions that depend on the complexity of the system and can be realized using the simplest relay logic and digital electronics to state-of-the-art solutions in which we use PLCs, frequency converters and HMIs.

In the field, electrical installation is performed, which connects the junction control cabinets with the machines and the dust exhaust system with all the supporting equipment. Before commissioning the plant, testing and parameterization of the automation system is carried out.

In addition to all of the above, continuous work is being done to modernize, service and maintain new and installed dust exhaust and varnishing systems. It is important to note that we successfully cooperate with companies such as: ABB, GRECON, BECKHOFF, SIEMENS, SCHRACK TECHNIK and many others.

In addition to cabinets for our systems, we design and make catch-ups with compensation for reactive energy.

We complement our production by making management cabinets for the renowned company ABB.