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Headquarters: Siget 18b, 10020 Zagreb
Production and Offices: Zagorska ulica 24, 10297 Jakovlje
Our Market: CRO, BIH, SLO, SRB, MNE, MK, DE

KIMEL-FILTRI is a leading company in Croatia and the surrounding regions in the production of industrial filtration and ventilation systems. Today, our company consists of an experienced team of designers, engineers and technicians who provide you with a complete service from engineering, design, assembly and installation to service, maintenance and spare parts, thus providing customers with turnkey solutions. In the case of old installed systems, instead of depositing, we offer to redeem them or expand them to our systems.

Our company’s main goal is closely related to the production program for human technology and environmental protection and conserving energy. We are focused on the design, aerodynamic measurements, manufacturing, assembly, servicing and reconstruction of complete dusting systems, paint booths and pneumatic transport.

KIMEL-FILTRI strives for a high standard for employees, an orderly settlement of all obligations to the state, society and suppliers, continuous achievement for profit, maximum contribution to the well-being of customers, respect for their interests and professional influence on it regarding protection for humans, the environment and technology and energy conservation.

Our company’s commitment is to achieve our goals through knowledge and hard work all while respecting differences, following laws and standards and participating in fair competition.


Raising Quality

The work we do says a lot about us. All our products are made with effort and care. Our desire is to constantly offer the best that trends in industrial ventilation and filtration. Investing in the knowledge of our employees, technology and raising the quality of our products is very important to us.

Offer the Customer a Complete Product

The entire production process of our products is completed by us – from project design, to assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Individual Approach

Our products are exclusively adapted to the needs and requirements of the customer which achieve complete optimization in operation and maximum energy savings. We lead our customers through the entire process. Customers who are looking to achieve working conditions in which their products can be superbly made always choose our products.


The basic purpose of KIMEL-FILTRI products is to create high quality working conditions for humans and machinery all while ensuring environmental protection and energy efficiency according to European and Croatian regulations and standards.


Remaining the leading company in Croatia in the field of industrial filtration and ventilation.

With hard work and dedication, together with constant improvement and care for our customers, we are a step ahead from our competitors. Our goal is to achieve satisfied and loyal customers.

We are present wherever there exists is a need for filtration, energy savings, creating more comfortable and clean working conditions, all while protecting staff, technology and the environment. “Where there’s dust, that’s where you will find us!

In today’s world, as increasing attention is being paid toward occupational safety and environmental protection, and the existence of production processes that develop different types of air pollution, quality filtration in the workplace should be ensured in such a way that the environment is not compromised. We have largely achieved this with our production program.

Likewise, machine manufacturers set certain conditions for optimal operation and extended service life of these products, which our production program ensures. It is also important to note that our production program enables the return of filtered air while achieving significant energy savings.

Our Installations

Open Workplace

KIMEL-FILTRI is represented by all employees, therefore the reputation of our company depends on each of our employees. Each employee is expected to contribute to the betterment of the company with their work, effort, energy and knowledge. Anyone who is ready for a challenge, eager to prove themselves and strives for constant professional and personal development is welcome to our team.

Every worker is provided with personal prosperity, existential certainty and guaranteed maximum correctness. We believe that each of our employees are proud to be a members of KIMEL-FILTRI team!

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