Production, assembly, service

Since our production program consists of modules which are mounted in the production plant, among other things, we also offer you assembly service. We feel that this makes us unique, both in the Croatian market and wider, because besides doing the “key in hand” principle, we also offer service and warranty, with our technicians arrival at a malfunctioned location within 24h. Our installations on the premises are made in accordance with the requirements and certified by the Ex agency.

Years of experience of our technicians guarantee a fast and safe assemblying. If you want to do it yourself, we offer you the services of our leading field worker. Our KIMEL-FILTER team of field workers, locksmiths, tinsmiths and auxiliary workers round off the manufacturing process from design to finished product. Elements such as elbow pipes, branches, circular and rectangular pipes, grilles, schutters and many others are made in the production hall located in Jakovlje.

The warehouse, which is located inside the production hall, is equipped with filter unit elements for dust exhaust and varnish systems. The warehouse greatly eases smooth and continuous operation without any downtime in production. Each dust exhaust and varnish system, which are designed by project designers in project design offices, can be made or installed either inside the manufacturing hall or on the investor’s construction site.

Apart from the design and installation we also offer the service of the maintenence. After insight of the existing condition and detailed inspection, among other things, aerodynamic measurements are carried out, including repair work involving bag filter replacement, maintenence of ventilators, dispensers, snails and other accompanying equipment etc.