Supporting equipment

On our stock we have a wide assortment of support equipment for different purpose designed to meet your needs.

Flexible hoses and embracers

Flexible hoses provide an optimum solution for exhaust systems and cover all needs for dealing with the various dust types.

Ducting elements

We produce complete ductings galvanized and zink plated sheet :

  • pressed curves,
  • pressed reduction,
  • shutters and pneumatic shutters


Filter and PVC bags

With a good selection of filter materials you can achieve the required degree of filtration for the finest particles, with what our content standards of max licitly emission filtrated to smallest particulates. We create filter bags of most quality filter materials renowned world producers. Our experience guarantees professional help in selection of optimally material and mounting.


Standard dimensions filter bags on stock

      • O500x1300
      • O220x1800
      • O220x3000
      • O250x1800
      • O250x2400

Filter materials: polyester, antistatic, polyester OH resistant on oil and wet, ordinary thermic treated polyester directly of stock.

We have wide variety of dimensions and colors to suit your specific needs:





Color: grey.
Temperature range: - 10°C + 50°C


Plasticized PVC hose with spiral reinforcement of anti-shock rigid PVC. Smooth inside, outside corrugated. Very light and flexible. Resistant to atmospherical agents and most chemicals.

Color: dark grey.
Temperature range: - 10°C + 50°C


Plasticized PVC hoses with spiral reinforcement of anti-shock rigid PVC. Perfectly smooth inside, outside corrugated. EOLO L are different from the other EOLO hoses thanks to their higher flexibility and because they are lighter. This particular hose structure provides a perfect ratio between weight and mechanical resistance, but the technical features do not change (wear-resistance-bending).
They are resistant to atmospherical agents and to most chemicals.

Color: Translucent with steel zinc-plated spiral
Working temperature: -40° C + 90° C

Pu hose reinforced with a coppered steel spiral. Inside surface smooth. Considerable mechanical features. Very light and flexible. It allows a high resistance against abrasion and bending, thanks to the PU features, which are 5 times superior to normal PVC. Weather resistant, suitable for most chemicals.

*10 mtr lengths, compressed, upon request. 10 mtr = 2,5 mtr