Production range

We offer complete solutions for dust exhaust systems, filtration, air-driven transport, varnishing cabins, wood driers, which are designed and created by a professional team for all kinds of industrial plants.


  • stable filters for external mounting
  • table filters for internal mounting
  • silo filters
  • under pressure filters
  • stand mounted filters
  • silo
  • varnishing cabins with wet and dry filtration process
  • wood driers
  • cabins for noise protection

ventilators, cyclones, fire and explosion protection systems, ducting made of galvanized and zinc plated sheet (pressed curves, pressed reduction, shutters) pneumatic shutters, exhaust arms, flexible hoses, embracers and connection links, filter and PVC sacks, filter materials for air, hen filter for wet filtration, active carbon for absolute filtration, paper cartridges for filters, spare parts for SOP MOLDOW filters, differential manometer…