Filters for air and varnishing

On our stock you can find a large selection of filter materials. According your demands all materials can be transmit to desirable forms.

Carton prefilter
Made of special non-flammable material.

Created with access to allow high filtration level: color surplus which stays in the air must go through the filter and so must stay in the filter area.

Applications in ventilation and air conditioning units and in varnishing chambers. Intended for filtrating intaken air.

Ceiling filters
Primarily application for varnishing units like the last level of the filtration intaked air: EU5 .

Filter bags and catridges in frames
Big selection of filter materials in meters and confectioned to desirable forms for treatment intaked air and filtration of ventilated air from the varnishing unit:

  • Filter bags with pockets with/without frames in standard sizes and by order
  • Intake baskets for infiltration of fresh air (typed for varnishing units SOP and others by order)
  • Filter cartridges with and without frame and wire net, standard dimensions or by order